Utillian 651

3 Hours of Battery

Cut the cord. This unit’s unparalleled battery life means you can vape all day without having to worry about carrying around your charger and finding an outlet to top up.

3 Pre-Set Temperatures

3 pre-set temperatures; 196, 204, 212 giving users control over their sessions. Each temperature setting offers its own unique influence on the quality of vapor.

Flask Shape Design

Designed to look like a flask for ultimate discretion and simple portability. This unit fits easily in a pocket and is designed to not draw attention.

Glass Mouthpiece

The glass mouthpiece provides pure flavor and smooth vapor quality with each draw. It can easily be cleaned to ensure maximum flavor.

One Button Design

Full control at the touch of a button, the one button design of the 651 keeps things simple ensuring a user friendly session every time. Just pick up, press and enjoy.

Perfectly Portable

Easily slips in your pocket, bag or purse for convenient transporting. Providing great vapor and discreet sessions to the commuting connoisseur.

Critic Reviews

This unit has great battery life, it’s super easy to use and it’s really portable. The added 3 pre-set temperature setting make for a dynamic vaporizing expierience.- Vapesterdam
The first and most obvious thing we love about this vape is the fact that it looks exactly like a flask! That doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t work well, but this vaporizer produces good vapor and boosts a 3 hour battery life as well.- Men's Gear
The 651 is actually a huge improvement over the 650, which is good for Utillian.- GazetteReview